December 8, 2022


Art Is Experience

What the World Looked Like When Game of Thrones Premiered

Has it already been two decades since Game of Thrones finished?

Nicely, technically, it really is been 23 months, the collection finale undertaking what it did on May possibly 19, 2019 (while for so quite a few aggrieved fans the exhibit finished in spirit weeks prior to then, the twists perpetrated by the series’ creators not residing up to what ended up in all probability unmeetable anticipations in the very first put). But anyway

Whether that heated discussion looks like it was raging only yesterday, or if by now it feels as though GOT was in a further life time, then maintain on to your dragon horn simply because it really is now been ten years since the collection premiered. 

Upon arrival it was very well-hyped (primarily by existing devotees of George R.R. Martin‘s A Track of Ice and Fire fantasy collection), episode one particular attracting a very respectable 2.2 million viewers. But somewhere among “wait around, are not they brother and sister?” and Ned Stark dropping his head, phrase of the show’s, er, charms distribute like wildfire and ultimately GOT burst out of the shackles of an under-revered genre to come to be an Emmy-successful, doctoral thesis-inspiring juggernaut, as very well as HBO’s most-watched collection ever.

And it all started ten decades in the past. How does that experience?