What Went So Wrong With The Bachelor

As an alternative of letting us see Matt, who has proven on social media to be a extremely amusing, character-loaded person, get to know his similarly character-loaded contestants, we primarily watched a small handful of primarily white females bully other primarily non-white females to the issue of tears. 

For a very good portion of the period, Victoria Larsen, who experienced named herself the Queen, dominated most of the display time. Quite a few episodes in, for no evident cause, 5 new females had been introduced in to be a part of the fray. It induced an absolute s–tstorm between the authentic females, who determined that these 5 rookies had been “idiots” basically for accomplishing what producers advised them to do. 

For months beforehand, promos teased the fact that just one of the rookies, Brittany Galvin, was rumored to be an escort. Chris Harrison even made use of this “shocking revelation” that he experienced “never found in advance of” as a soundbite in interviews in advance of the period premiered. To be clear, Brittany is a model and not an escort, but contestant Anna Redman advised everybody that she was, and now Brittany’s name will endlessly be related with that “shocking revelation.”