William L Frame’s New Book ‘Worlds Apart’ is a Riveting Saga of an Unexpected Encounter Across Time and Worlds

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current: Sep thirty, 2020 06:00 EDT

​William L Body, a retired gentleman who lives a tranquil lifetime in Mt. Vernon, Washington has concluded his most current guide “Worlds Apart”: a gripping and potent tale that follows Jennifer’s journey as she finds herself in a weird area where she encounters a lone hunter who assisted her on a new lifetime away from her chaotic past, but tiny did she know that that past nonetheless looms.

William writes, “Heiress to the legacy of her father’s throne, Jennifer Hendricks fled a lifetime she experienced no need to inherit, staging her loss of life with the support of her mother’s most trustworthy agents in a very publicized terrorist assault on the royal estate where she grew up. Amid the chaos, Jennifer was secretly smuggled aboard the Fulcrum, a colonial starship making ready for a 137-year voyage to the Opalla colony safely hidden in a hibernation pod as just one among the countless numbers of colonists in the starship’s maintain. Jennifer slept via the passage of time, hoping to awaken in a potential with the freedom to start a new lifetime.

Fires burned, charring the soil down the duration of a prolonged melancholy carved into the land by the rock’s impact. A lone hunter viewed spellbound in the darkness as a strangely clothed figure awkwardly climbed out of the smoldering rock that experienced fallen from the evening sky. Managing his worry, the hunter approached and knelt beside the figure. He was astonished to see a youthful girl’s facial area with pinkish skin, eco-friendly eyes, and fiery purple hair inside a tough shell that lined her head. The hunter’s eyes gazed up into the darkness of the spirit realm of his ancestors and puzzled if she experienced returned to the land for one more lifetime.

Jennifer awoke to come across herself on your own in a fireplace-lit cave lying in a warm bed of comfortable furs. Her leg, broken during the pod’s impact, experienced been reset and wrapped in a stiffening animal hide. She was curious as very well as scared to master the id of her benefactor. But when he stepped into the cave, she stared in a vast-eyed speculate experience as if she experienced traveled back to a place in time she realized nothing at all about.

With the hunter’s support, Jennifer commenced a new lifetime much removed from the horrors of her dim past and acknowledged her life’s unexpected twist of fate. Unbeknownst to her, the passage of time and the huge distances of room would not diminish the hatred of her father’s quite a few enemies or allow her from escaping their vengeful wrath.”

Published by Fulton Publications, William L Frame’s guide is a fantastic novel where audience of all ages come across an extraordinary story of a female fleeing from their kingdom, only to face greater issues in lifetime she minimum anticipated to have.

Viewers who wish to encounter this wondrous perform can acquire “Worlds Apart” at bookstores all over the place, or on-line at the Apple iTunes shop, Amazon, Google Perform or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Publications