July 24, 2024


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Yin Yang Tattoo Art – A Symbol of Balance and Harmony

Yin Yang tattoo art has become a very popular choice for both men and women. The symbols can be stand alone tattoos or they are being increasingly used in combination with other designs.

The yin is the black, female part of the symbol which represents earth, water, night and passiveness, while yang is the white, male part and this represents day, fire, air and activity.

The yin yang symbolizes that everything has two aspects and only exist in relation to one another, this is represented by the black spot in the white half and the white spot in the black half as a reminder that there are always some traces of one in the other. For example there is always light within dark, from the stars and moon. Yin and yang are the unity of opposites and can transform into each other, night changes into day, hot becomes cold, however, this is relative as day and night do coexist together on earth when see from space.

The yin yang symbol can be made in any size which makes it a popular tattoo design for women as a small yin yang symbol can be strategically placed anywhere on the body yet still make a strong statement. People also chose to have the yin yang symbol with variations, such as a surround of sun rays or with a dragon holding a yin yang symbol which are different colors from the customary black and white. Other yin yang symbols with a difference are those which use the basis of the symbol but have a more tear-drop elongated shape to them or use the yin yang symbol as the iris of an eye, while other yin yang tattoo art designs incorporate dolphins or fishes placed in opposite directions inside yin and yang which add more color to the body art.

As people are beginning to look further into the Eastern forms of spirituality the yin yang symbol is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world. Yin and yang balance each other, as one increases the other decreases, as such Yin yang tattoo art design is often chosen to symbolize balance and harmony.