COVID-19: B.C. health minister responds to Trump halting 3M’s exports of N95 masks to Canada

As health care staff around the entire world encounter shortages of individual protecting devices during the COVID-19 pandemic, an American healthcare-unit company states the U.S. president has requested that it cease exporting its N95 masks to other international locations, including Canada.

On April two, U.S. President Donald Trump invoked the Protection Manufacturing Act to demand providers to prioritize the output of ventilators and masks to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minnesota-based production organization 3M issued a news release currently (April 3) stating that the U.S. administration asked for the organization to halt any exports of U.S.–made respirators to Canada and Latin The united states.

“There are, even so, considerable humanitarian implications of ceasing respirator provides to health care staff in Canada and Latin The united states, where we are a important provider of respirators,” 3M stated.

3M went on to warn what the possible repercussions could be as a consequence of

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