Macedonio Madera’s New Book ‘The Men of Renown’ is an Illuminating Look Into the Identity of the Sons of God, Their Origin, and Their Journeys

Modern release “The Adult men of Renown” from Covenant Books author Macedonio Madera is a persuasive novel that talks about the origin of the sons of God, how they lived their life on earth, and their unanswered disappearances.

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up-to-date: Apr eight, 2021 06:00 EDT

Macedonio Madera, a writer who arrived to Jesus at age 35 and has due to the fact dedicated his time in caring for the Lord’s household, has completed his new ebook, “The Adult men of Renown”: a fantastic revelation that makes an attempt to communicate about the renowned gentlemen of God and their untold stories. Via this, just one can find God’s truths and His concept to person in these pages.

Macedonio writes, “Mainly because numerous have attempted to make a tale of the things that among us are correct, about ‘renowned men’, about their origin, their

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