Pete Arnold’s New Book ‘New Age Book/Bible’ Visualizes the Totality of Existence and Provides a Map to Get Throughout Life

New launch ‘New Age Ebook/Bible’ from Newman Springs Publishing author Pete Arnold is an illuminating study that paints a tale of the total look at of existence and courses one particular to obtain their course in existence without acquiring missing in the approach.

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up-to-date: Oct 2, 2020 06:00 EDT

​Pete Arnold, a writer has penned, saved and arranged notes, ideas and plans about existence and human existence in typical at any time due to the fact he was in the Marine Corps in 1962. Now he has completed his new book “New Age Ebook/Bible”: a gripping and powerful manuscript that brings knowledge about residing the greatest existence and conquering impending hurdles.

Pete writes, “Why is there one thing relatively than nothing?

In this New Age Ebook/Bible these mind-increasing issues will be answered in tasty chapters consumable anytime and any where in your

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