Pandemic-era portraits | Art | Rochester City Newspaper

Jess Kamens, a experienced photographer in Rochester, is driving via a residential community to her next session — a house where by a relatives has agreed to sit on the porch to have their portrait taken.

When she comes, she parks on the reverse side of the road and exits her car or truck carrying a digicam with a extended lens. From her vantage position thirty feet or a lot more away, she might call out to her topics to squeeze jointly. But generally, she gives no certain course on how to pose or what to have on. Following two or three minutes of snapping away, Kamens is off to the next property.

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“When I’m standing in entrance of them, photographing them, there is this point in between us stating, ‘I know how you truly feel. I’m in the similar condition,’” Kamens claimed. “I’ve appear out to

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