1923 Prohibition Bar in Las Vegas takes you back to the time of speakeasies

A night time of fancy and enjoyment awaits at 1923 Prohibition Bar, a semi-top secret, sexy lounge serving up basic cocktails. The entrance is via a very nondescript bookcase, and as soon as within, attendees are transported back again in time to the Prohibition period in American historical past.

“I consider we kinda caught to the hardcore Prohibition period,” says operator Noel Bowman. “We’ve acquired the barrels we’ve acquired a good deal of the Gatsby-style décor. We have kinda stayed true to that 1920s period. Wallpaper and art are from that period, chandeliers, Tommy guns, I have stayed pretty authentic with it. We get in touch with 1923 a fashionable speakeasy. Whilst our search is rather authentic, we unquestionably have the basic beverages, but we’re toying all around with some new, fashionable mixology.”

Standout specialty cocktails, quite a few created by direct mixologist Devon Bennett, involve highlights like the sequence

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