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While we can not physically attend a exhibit below the dome at the Strasenburgh Planetarium dome suitable now, the employees have been bringing the wonders of space specifically to lovers by way of the free, ongoing Digital Planetarium sequence. The set of movies has included a sequence called “The Sky This Week” that previews celestial bodies and gatherings of take note, in-depth explorations of specific planets, and a distinctive highlight on the 2024 overall photo voltaic eclipse.

The video clip dropping on Wednesday, May twenty, features Planetarium Director Steve Fentress in conversation with space writer Rod Pyle, who has interviewed astronauts, engineers, and executives for his guides on space flight. Pyle will give viewers ideas about what to look at for in the course of the Falcon 9-Dragon launch future Wednesday, May 27, in the course of which NASA and SpaceX will send out astronauts from the U.S. to the

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