Real Bodies exhibit at Bally’s pivots to tell coronavirus story

Christopher DeVargas

A glance at Real Bodies at Ballys’ new COVID-19 enlargement, Thursday Jan. 21, 2020.

Operating amid the most important wellbeing crisis of a life time, the Real Bodies exhibit at Bally’s has scrambled to convey to the tale of the coronavirus pandemic.

“They definitely imagined about this early on in the pandemic when there was a ton of misinformation, a ton of fear among the standard general public,” said Anna Yaffe, an epidemiologist from Atlanta who consulted on retooling the museum-design and style attraction.

The exhibit explores the “elegance, complexity and mystery” of the human system by way of far more than twenty preserved bodies and above two hundred anatomical specimens.

The information on the coronavirus was extra to illustrate the “complexity of viral an infection, the science driving typical signs or symptoms

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