20 Secrets About Sabrina the Teenage Witch Revealed

3. What a lot of individuals you should not know is that Hart’s mom, Paula Hart, was basically the person responsible for having a Sabrina Television sequence going soon after a person gave her the comedian ebook on a playground.

“She took it to Viacom, built the 1996 movie, and retained indicating this would be a terrific Television present. [Executives] retained going, ‘Okay, whatever, whatever,'” Hart instructed Glamour in 2020. “She went to the modifying room for the movie and lower with each other a five-minute trailer for a Television present, took it to the networks, and offered it to ABC on the location. In the TGIF time slot!”

Paula would serve as an govt producer on all seven seasons, “hiring and firing, associated with the new music, the editing—the overall element of it,” Hart explained. “I did not have to worry about the future point, mainly because she

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