Winnipeg band of brothers’ music career reaches new heights despite pandemic

Most days, Roman Maceda and twin brothers Rico and Roque can be observed jamming absent in their parent’s basement.

Having said that, the Winnipeg pop-punk trio who form The 12/21 usually are not just passing the time casually taking part in music — they’re now operating on new tunes they approach to release quickly.

“Just before the pandemic we had been touring the Philippines close to March [past 12 months], so that is when we had been setting up to have substantially even bigger reveals and a lot more tunes,” claimed Roman Maceda. “But the pandemic hit then and I guess we just like came back to Canada.”

The 12/21’s popularity was both equally on the rise in Canada and in the Philippines. The band toured abroad past 12 months soon after getting featured on Spotify’s Refreshing Finds and New Tunes lists in 2019 and 2020.

“It is a enormous

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