July 23, 2024


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How to Make Christmas Stocking Ornaments

This project is fun, easy and simple, which is exactly what we need in this crazy and hectic life that we lead! All you need for these pretty ornaments are items you have on hand. Scraps of felt, fabrics and embellishments which were leftover from other projects are perfect for these Christmas stockings ornaments.

Stocking template
Scraps of felt and fabric
Bits and pieces of ribbon, trims, lace, and gimp
Beads, costume jewelry, sequins, old bracelets, buttons and any embellishments which you would like to see on your tree.
3-d glitter paint
Hot glue gun
Needle and thread

Basic Method:
Draw your stocking on a piece of paper. Any shape you like in two sizes, 2×4 inches and 3×6 inches. However these measurements don’t have to be exact. Your design can be however you like, the toe can be rounded or pointed like elf stockings, and of course you can make as many templates as you like, then store them in an envelope for future use. Place the template on the fabric and cut two. Stitch round the stocking leaving the top open. You can hand stitch, blanket stitch, machine stitch, or when you’re really in a rush you can hot glue the two sections together along the inside edges. When using the hot glue gun just be careful not to burn your fingers. Now you can start to embellish your stocking. Start by making a loop from a short piece of ribbon and either stitch or glue the loop in the top corner of your stocking, with unfinished edge on the inside. We want everything to look professional because you might be giving these as gifts as well. Add velvet ribbons, or beautiful trims along the top of the stocking. You can sew beads on or attach old brooches (not too heavy). Create your own designs. Try using 3-d glues and glitter paints. Paint little stars, circles or dots all over your stockings. The 3-d paint or glue takes about 24 hours to dry. These cute little stockings can be made in sets of 2 or 4 or more. I also made a whole set for the fireplace mantle in mix and match colors themes.

They look adorable and I put them up year after year.

Merry Christmas