Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Spend a Night Alone on KUWTK

As their dialogue proceeds, Kourtney reveals she’s working on a celibacy article for Poosh. Lord Disick quips, “Well, we practiced celibacy for a even though.”

Nevertheless, in accordance to Kourtney, they “still experienced intercourse” even if Scott believed they didn’t. Scott returns with, “You advised Sarah Howard you believed I was a star when we initially began hooking up.”

While Kourtney confirms this remark, she would make it apparent she is just not dwelling about their earlier. In standard Scott style, he jokes, “There’s no dwelling, little one. You had been with a star 1 time.”

To the KUWTK camera, Kourtney shares that she “forgot how great it is to just have a dialogue with Scott without the young children.”

Right after Kourtney clarifies that they’re “good friends,” Scott adds—in a somewhat disheartened tone—”purely platonic.”

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