July 25, 2024


Art Is Experience

Website Design and Development: A Science and an Art

Business website design and development has become a must as websites are increasingly becoming the mediums to promote the products and services of companies. Being an interactive form of media, websites can be utilized well to build cordial and continuing relationships with customers. Much of the time, they are the major source of tangible business revenue. An airline company, for example gets majority of its bookings through the “E Tickets” bought online. Similarly the reservations in a hotel or resort can be made swiftly from anywhere if the hotel has such a facility on its website. Clearly, the constant use of the Internet in daily life confirms that good websites are necessary for the very survival of a business. It is through a web page that you can highlight the unique selling proposition of your business to the maximum number of customers across the world.

The Ecommerce websites, also known as the online stores have achieved immense popularity globally and all stakeholders in this business want to increase their online traffic and win the most customers. An Ecommerce website has to be built with tailor made shopping cart software. It must also present an image of vibrancy, competitiveness and proficiency. A recent survey conducted involving around 10,000 online shoppers; more than 30 per cent cited poor website organization as the chief reason to abandon an online store.

Business websites must have a balanced combination of layout and security. They also need to have user friendly navigation. SEO is another idea if you want your website to rank in top results of a key word search on search engines like Google and Bing.

In the online world, a browser can jump to any section of website through an external link. In a random way, once the visitors arrive at any page of the website, they decide whether to navigate to other pages, to return to the website at some other time or to leave the web page. The decision depends on how nice or interesting the user finds the web page.

The World Wide Web Consortium or W3C is the most important ‘international standards’ organization for World Wide Web. The consortium comprises of member organizations that maintain full-time staff for the purpose of working together in the refining of standards for World Wide Web. By using these standards, a website’s foundation gets designed upon technologies that have been developed and tested by leading experts in the Web community. With more than 300 organizations from the web world contributing research and development efforts in compiling and upgrading W3C standards, these standards are truly the leading edge of the Web.

The development of an effective web page in accordance with latest W3C standards is not everyone’s forte. This work can be trusted only to experienced and professional web agencies.