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However the extra elements that contribute towards making the gifted actresses sizzle with glamour are how they maintain public relations, how steadily they function in gossip columns of tabloids and magazines, how typically they cook dinner up controversies and what novel type statements they make at gala award ceremonies in their designer wear. For instance, Nicole Kidman came all of a sudden to the centre of consideration when she had a controversial divorce with Tom Cruise in 2001. Immediately afterwards together with her function in Moulin Rouge she shot to fame and gained a number of awards. Many contemporary gossip columns felt that coming to the limelight with her acclaimed function in the award-winning movie turned straightforward for her controversial divorce that shortly preceded the movie launch. Elizabeth Harely’s pre-marriage relationship with her pal Valentina Pedroni’s beau Arun Nayar stormed up controversy and gave some mileage to news posts the … Read More