December 8, 2022


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3 Reasons to Play Connect 4 with the family

Connect 4 is a fun and popular board game. It therefore allows you to have a wonderful time with your loved ones. This fun activity is also an essential tool for the good psychosocial development of children. Discover the greatest benefits of this classic strategy game developed by Hasbro.

Connect 4 Strengthens Parent-Child Bonds

Playing a board game like Connect 4 with the family consists above all of spending time with your child. It is the opportunity to share good times, often fun, with the family. It may also be an opportunity to talk about your own childhood. And if you do not have the real board game, it is still possible to play multiplayer connect 4 game online. You just have to choose a reliable website.

Connect 4 Enhances Concentration and Logic

This board game strengthens your child’s concentration and memorization skills, as does their logical sense. But it also applies to grown-ups. In addition, Connect 4 pushes all the players to build good strategies. For the little ones, this puzzle game will also develop their cognitive senses. For the older ones, it is a strategic game that will give you enough challenge. The rules of the game can seem simple but as you may already know, it is hard to win every time, even if your opponent is a kid.

Connect 4 Teaches Children How to Behave in Society

The rules of this board game are very similar to the codes of real life. They players have to wait for their turn, never interrupt the floor, follow specific instructions, etc. That is quite essential to develop your benevolence towards others. Does your child tend to be a sore loser? Do not worry, for them losing means “being bad.” Calmly explain to your child that everyone loses, and that it is by practicing (and therefore losing) that you get better. You can alternate Connect Four collaborative games so that you can all play together in order to win or lose everything together.

To sum up, Connect 4 is the perfect board game to create precious moments because it brings the whole family together around the table. It stimulates memory and attention span. It also takes skill. Each player must manipulate the pawns and put in place good strategies. You also have to know how to adapt to changes and respect the opponent. All this is particularly beneficial for the little ones.