July 24, 2024


Art Is Experience

A Beginners Guide to Cartoon Animations and 3D Animations

Almost everyone enjoys cartoons of some type whether it is in the newspaper or on television. They are so popular that you will often see cartoon characters in a variety of advertisements. Saturday mornings used to be famous for cartoons. In today’s age they have somewhat been replaced with video games, but then even those characters are animated. In addition, the majority of animated box office hits are now all in 3D animation.

You may be intrigued enough by animation that you want to know more about it. It has its complexities and it is by no means an easy job. To put it in easy terms, it is a group of drawings that an artist has designed and then they are put into frames, which are then imaged very quickly to denote movement. It should be remembered though that animation is not just restricted to cartoons.

There are many fazes to producing a great cartoon. First, the idea has to be borne. An artist or cartoonist is this case will dream up a character then draw it. Then it goes to the computer for animation. The animator will use various software to take the character through various stages, which will bring it to life, and then it must go through processes where it can be produced and put out to the viewer.

There is a certain amount of talent required for this job. There must be artistic talent where the artist as learned the fundamentals. Although the computer will do much of the work, the operator must tell it what to do, and then be able to judge whether the computer has done it right. In addition to this, the animator must have a good understanding of the various programs available and how they work.

Cartoons must have a purpose or a storyline. It is the interest in the storyline enhanced by the characters that make it successful. They must be fun and light hearted as this is what attracts people to them. It makes them laugh. Voiceovers in today’s media are important. In the case of major productions well known actors and actresses will be retained to do them. It adds creditability to the story and depending on how famous they are often serves as an attraction.

Cartoon animation has predominantly been dome in 2D and 3D formats. 2D was the forerunner and with the introduction of computers, it was not long before it progressed into 3D. They both play a major role in the industry. 3D has not replaced 2D, but it has enhanced it. The computer can be used for both types of formats and there is software that allows the capabilities to do this. The software is only the tool that the animator works with, as we said earlier that there still has to be a well-trained user to execute it. The world of animation is no doubt going to progress and continually get better as computers and software continue to excel in their technology.