July 25, 2024


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Astrology Aspects – 7th And 9th Divisions Of The Natal Chart

We all know the major and minor aspects of astrology, and the levels of importance placed on them. But what of those aspects that aren’t given as much importance. Looking at astrology from a numerology perspective you would automatically take into consideration all divisions of the Natal chart by numbers one through nine. But main stream astrology focuses only on the numbers one (conjunction), two (opposition), three (trine), four (square), five (quintile), six (sextile), and finally, eight (semi-square). These are considered major aspects, with the sextile, semi-square and quintile all considered minor aspects in descending order.

Also, when dealing with the major aspects (conjunction, trine, square, and opposition), some astrologers will allow up to 10 degrees for aspects involving Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, but only 6-8 degrees for the other planetary aspects. The less important aspects, the sextile, sesquiquadrate, and inconjunct, are allowed 2 degrees of orb. However, the rarely used aspects, the novile and septile, are often listed in astrological programs at a default 0 degree orb and as such will only appear in a chart when an aspect to a planet, angle, etc is exact. So, bearing in mind all this active discrimination, what of these other numbers, the seven and the nine?

The number seven divides the chart into segments of approx 51 degrees, and is called a Septile, but is used very little. The number nine however, is rarely, if at all, used. The nine divides the zodiac wheel of an astrological chart by 40 degrees. This aspect is called a Novile. The novile is, interestingly, given much greater importance in Indian or Vedic Astrology in the case of a Navamsa Chart where each 40 degree section of the original chart is stretched over a 360 degree circle. This function in eastern astrology adds weight to the case for using this particular aspect more. After all, why ignore the obvious importance?

The Septile (7) is the first number of all the aspects that does not divide evenly. The general interpretation of this is that because this division is a somewhat irrational force of energy, there is something sacred and holy going on here. Much like the numerological interpretation of the number seven, septiles contain spiritual power and imply the possibility of cosmic intervention. Septiles indicate harmony and union, though in a non-conforming way. These aspects can indicate extraordinary creative efforts at self-knowledge and ultimate understanding. Septiles resonate with Venus, Cardinal, Air and Libran energy.

When operating as a transit they can represent roundabouts or forks in the road where we will choose which way we will define our future. 7 is Saturn’s number, so that’s why it is assumed these points deal with “destiny.” Character is destiny; you make your character by your choices; and you meet destiny with the creative use of your potentials. This is the responsibility that we accept as a result of Saturn’s lessons. Any planet septiling any other planet has hit a fork in the road of that process, a point where reason may not serve your ability to choose. Relying on your intuition at this point, and accepting guidance this way, will help with the irrationality of this energy.

A Novile (9) occurs when two planets are forty degrees apart. It would require a tight orb, but not necessarily an exact one: maybe two or three degrees. The novile series of aspects are related to the trines and sextiles. They’re all in the same family as it were. Interestingly the word novena is rooted in novile, and also is related to the nine muses and to the ennead. The novile conveys a somewhat charismatic, transcendental, mystical force, latent karmic details and spiritual growth. It is said to indicate development, or the ability to digest information necessary for evolutionary growth. Noviles can indicate ceremony and relate to marriage. Noviles resonate with Jupiter, Fire, Mutable and Sagittarian energy. This aspect can also symbolise a type of ‘bondage’ that people may find themselves under with regard to the planetary energies that are involved. It is an aspect that can help you to acknowledge and release past lives that hold you in servitude. This aspect is used a lot in specialist fields such as Karmic and Spiritual astrology.