July 17, 2024


Art Is Experience

Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts With Animation

Social media proved itself to be a phenomenal marketing arena for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. However, getting noticed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites is not always the easiest thing to do. Many people plunge into social media marketing full of enthusiasm, hope and agenda, only to become disappointed quickly because none of their messages are getting attention.

It is difficult to make your marketing voice heard, above the millions of other tweets and posts that appear every hour of the day. In order to make the most of the marketing possibilities offered by social media outlets, a message must engage, entertain and inform. One of the most effective ways of achieving those objectives is through the use of animated videos.

Which is more likely to catch your attention in your own Twitstream – a bland 140 character post churning out yet another brief, overused marketing blurb that links to even more written content or a tweet that contains a cool animated version of your marketing message? Face it, more often the animated video is going to win.

Animation is no longer just for tech-geniuses with a flair for the creative. These days anyone can make use of a few simple online tools to create an animated video that is totally unique to you and your brand in the matter of a few minutes — no special knowledge or expensive software required. Better still perhaps, is that can be posted to all your various social media accounts at the same time, saving you an awful lot of time during an already packed day.

One of the most engaging forms of animated video for social media use are those that feature animated “talking heads”. These videos can be great for FAQs, training, brief ads or even a humorous little film to help brighten your clients’ day, something always appreciated.

Some of the better, more quality sites offer users a way to create their own social media animations let them pick from a wide range of character options (from cute kids to cuddly critters) and use their own words to bring their message to life. In many cases, these services are completely free. Additional customization is available for a very nominal charge and those options allow you to create your own custom characters. That means that even if you want your video spokesperson to be your dog, you have the means at your disposal to that quickly, easily and effectively.

Once you have created some great animated content for social media, the key to success is putting it out to as many outlets as possible. Do not stop at simply posting it on Facebook and Twitter. Put it on your website, add it to your emails,seek out video sites specifically geared toward your audience. As you will quickly discover, this animated content for social media is a far bigger draw than bland content.