June 22, 2024


Art Is Experience

Computer Animators – The New Stars of Hollywood

The presence of computer graphics in film has come a long way since Westworld in 1973 when 2D images were first used in a movie. Thanks to computer graphics, 3D animators are now the rising stars and major players in Hollywood.

Recent History of CG Films

In 1995 Toy Story was the first fully CG animated movies to be produced and since then, CG movies have been arriving thick and fast. By 2005 11 feature-length CG movies were released, and this figure was almost doubled in 2006 when the industry exploded, releasing 20 CG films.

Who’s the Super Star Now?

Computer Graphics films are now definite players in the movie industry and their role is putting pressure on the traditional film industry, especially highly paid actors and actresses. Movie goers are finding that they get just as much enjoyment out of watching a big green ogre who moves and feels like we do, as they are from Pierce Brosnan or Nicole Kidman.

But who are the real stars of CG films? They are the 3D artists. This rapid industry growth means there is lots of opportunity for animators to get jobs. But the growth appears to depend on the amount of quality animators entering the industry.

The power of the 3D artist was made clear after the 2006 boom when a plateau was met. The number of CG films planned for this year is on a par with last year indicating that the supply of trained 3D animators is not meeting industry demand.

Training Animation Stars

Increased quality education could prove to be the key to growth in this industry. Educators have the role to keep the 3D star rising. If the industry requires educators who produce quality graduates in a short time frame, the trick for educators will be to cut out the theory and teach in an intense industry simulated environment.

Tips to the Potential Star

If you are looking to become a successful 3D Artist and want to work on CG films, research your training organisation and select one that will help your career rise relatively quickly and with quality.