December 6, 2022


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David Quarles’s New Book ‘Topside’ is a Gripping Historical Fiction That Addresses the Struggles of Coal Miners During the Depression Years

The latest launch ‘Topside’ from Covenant Publications writer David Quarles is a contemporary novel that revolves all around the tale of coal miners in an eastern Kentucky town and their survival through the Great Melancholy many years.

Press Release

updated: Feb 4, 2021 06:00 EST

David Quarles, a grandson of an underground coal miner who studied mining engineering at the University of Kentucky who has experienced a lifelong admiration and curiosity for coal miners, has finished his new e-book “Topside”: a compelling account that offers perception to audience of the life-style of coal miners and their struggles to survive through the Melancholy in eastern Kentucky.

David writes, “‘Topside’ is a historical fiction depicting lifetime in a regular coal mining corporation town in eastern Kentucky covering the many years from 1900 to 1952. All through some of those many years, coal miners were being deemed amid the greatest paid out of the trades, but the Melancholy many years were being tricky on all who survived it.”

Published by Covenant Publications of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Quarles’s new e-book serves as a powerful account of lifetime through the Melancholy and how a town survived these kinds of a tough period.

Visitors can buy “Topside” at bookstores just about everywhere, or on line at the Apple iTunes keep, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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