July 25, 2024


Art Is Experience

FILM | ‘Media Underground: Naked Eye Cinema’ | Choice Events

In the mid-1980s, artists Leslie Lowe and Jack Waters made Naked Eye Cinema, a car for showing their avant-garde movies and others’ movies that they enjoyed. They collaborated with Peter Cramer, other artists, and ABC No Rio, an critical community activist place in NYC’s Decrease East Side, to make programs of super-eight, 16mm, and videos in galleries, theaters, lofts, and additional choice nooks and crannies of the town. Naked Eye Cinema was between numerous collectives operating at the intersection of art and activism, documenting the AIDS crisis, anti-company actions, and additional. This week, Visible Scientific studies Workshop will host “Media Underground: Naked Eye Cinema,” the initial in a sequence of programs curated by Louis Chavez, which focuses on underground cinema and activism.

Wednesday, March 11, at seven p.m. Visible Scientific studies Workshop, 31 Prince Avenue. $five. 442-8676 vsw.org.