July 24, 2024


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How to Produce a 360 Degree Flash Animation of a Book?

This article will provide you an insight on how to create a 360 degree animation of a book or magazine. The first question which you should ask yourself is why one should create the 360 degree animation rotation of a book? In this article, we will focus on the philosophical book “Treatise on the improvement of the understanding” of Spinoza as example.

Before going further with the article, I will suggest you to first of all observe the Spinoza 360 degree book animation so as we could analyze the advantages and disadvantages of creating a 360 degree animation of books. Use your computer mouse to manually rotate the book flash animation leftwards or rightwards as per your leisure.

Now, suppose you were only seeing the book front cover and if I ask you the question, “is it a heavy book or how many pages the Spinoza book might have?” It will be hard to answer this because only by seeing the side view of the book will you be able to find an answer.

Hence, advantage number one: With a 360 degree animation of a book, one is able to see on a computer the length and depth of a book.

Advantage number two: Contents are important whenever passionate readers want to buy a book. They will definitely read the abstract found on the back cover of the book before deciding whether or not they should buy the book. Hence, with the 360-degree flash animation rotation, one is able to read not only the front texts, side texts but also the back cover texts.

Advantage number three: Compared to a simple plain book photo, a 360 degree animation of book is so much appealing. Without doubt, readers will get to enjoy a new user experience when handling interactive animations compared to still product photos. This will definitely prove to be a competitive advantage for book marketers.

Having seen the pros, let us now have a look at the cons. One should possess the required equipments to be able to exploit this 360 degree animation system. Without the authentic digital photo studio, one will not be able to obtain the perfect animation rendering.

Uses of having a 360 degree animation of books

· In bookstores, having animation of books on your computer allows you to easily find specific books on your database.

· In libraries readers can use online database to easily scroll through books and magazines to find by themselves the book they are looking for.

· Authors and publishing house can magnificently have the 360 degree Flash animation of their novels or books on their website to attract the attention of their readers through interactivity.

To summarize, using digital professional photo studio, anyone can easily and instantly create quality photos of books, photos of magazines, photos of encyclopedia among others. Book sellers and libraries will be able to showcase their books through HD photos and interactive 360-degree animations on their websites or e-commerce sites.