Kyra Sedgwick Recounts Her Embarrassing Panic Button Incident at Tom Cruise’s Home

WENN/Nicky Nelson/Mario Mitsis

Throughout an overall look on ‘The View’, the ‘Closer’ actress reveals that she and her partner, Kevin Bacon, obtained invited to a supper get together at the ‘Mission: Impossible’ star’s mansion back again in the ’90s.

Actress Kyra Sedgwick has under no circumstances been invited back again to Tom Cruise‘s inner circle just after as soon as urgent a worry button at his residence which resulted in law enforcement swarming the mansion.

The “Nearer” star was attending a supper get together with her partner, fellow actor Kevin Bacon, back again in the nineteen nineties when she began checking out Cruise’s expansive house.

“I was pregnant… I form of felt like, outside of the team for the reason that I was pretty large,” she stated on U.S. daytime present “The Check out“.

“We would had this supper in excess of at his dwelling, we ended up gonna watch a movie later on, it was all pretty extravagant schmancy, cool, and just after supper, we retired to the library… I was not aspect of the dialogue in some way, and I just began on the lookout around and there was this button… underneath the mantlepiece…”

Kyra’s curiosity obtained the improved of her and she made the decision to push the thriller button to see what it did.

“I just pressed it, ’cause I thought, ‘That’s bizarre, there is a button,’ anticipating it is really gonna do a little something, like, some solution door would open and a little something incredible will take place…”

“Then later on nothing at all took place, so I turned to Tom and I mentioned, ‘You know, I pressed this button. What does it do…?’ ”

“He goes, ‘That’s the worry button!’ ”

Authorities rushed in excess of to Cruise’s residence and demanded to see the “Mission: Extremely hard” star to make certain there was nothing at all suspicious going on – and the drama value Kyra any long term supper invitations from Tom.

“The cops came and they would not leave right until they observed him. It was pretty uncomfortable. Like, tons of law enforcement cars and trucks…!” Kyra confessed.

“It was definitely uncomfortable. I didn’t get invited back again!”