July 24, 2024


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Lighting for the Art Nouveau Home by Dar Lighting Company

Finding the right decoration for an Art Nouveau themed home is difficult these days. The style is now over 100 years old, and struggles to make its presence felt through the current surge of millennial modernism that is dominating design and architecture. Characterised by certain flamboyance and architectural curves, the style epitomises the ‘Fin de Siecle’ society and culture at the time.

So what is one offer from one of the leading manufacturers of lighting fixtures, Dar lighting. What is sought after is a selection of choice fixtures that would ideally have the curving shape design characteristic of Art Nouveau, with matching lampshades of a Lilly-shape and colour.

For certain areas, if a matching style could not be found, are there alternatives that would still complement Art Nouveau? This will also be looked in to.

The Campden Range

David Hunt, a subsidiary of Dar lighting, immediately has on offer a range of lighting in Art Nouveau style. Known as the Campden range, it is a small, but extensive collection of lighting fixtures and lamps.

First, the five light hanging pendant fixture is the most elaborate of the collection as it makes an exemplary model for the dining room and living room.

Next, the three light hanging pendant fixture is less flamboyant, but no less fitting for the style. Rooms that are ideal for it, include bedrooms, large bathrooms, studies, and hallways.

Following, the two lamp wall fixture stands out as ideal for hallways especially. For other areas of the home, they can be side lights around a dining room, and in the kitchen, to provide extra lighting. Even bedrooms can benefit from these alongside the three lamp pendant, or on their own.

The single lamp wall fixture however can be used as a spotlight above a bathroom sink, over work surfaces in the kitchen, and pointed in stylish directions around a living room.

Finally is the floor lamp, which stands out as an outstanding piece of lighting for study rooms, living rooms, and as reading lights in bedrooms.

Table Lamps

Not to neglect these types of lighting, there are some elaborate examples in the Dar lighting range not limited to the David Hunt collection.

First, statuettes make for extra pieces, though care should be taken over what shape, and where. Some examples would include the Ankara horse head lamp, or the head of David. Another excellent design is the Riviera, with an appropriate lampshade, would make for an excellent all-round table lamp in an Art Nouveau home.

Anyway, for most of these, particularly the Campden range, ideal lampshades for these would consist of pale coloured Lilly-shaped, or plain white curved cone shapes. A small plain cone for the floor lamp, and table lamps would still be ideal, and not out-of-place.