June 16, 2024


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Lionel Richie Finds Daughters’ Openness About Intimate Lives Shocking

Lionel Richie Finds Daughters' Openness About Intimate Lives Shocking
Amusement Tonight

Sharing his imagined on parenthood, the ‘All Night Long’ singer advises other fathers to just go away complicated discussions with their daughters to their wives.

Lionel Richie discovered it complicated when his daughters opened up about intimate aspects of their lives for the duration of discussions.

The 70-year-previous “All Night Extensive” singer has three youngsters – daughters Nicole Richie, 38, and Sofia Richie, 21, and son Miles Richie, 25. And whilst enthusiasts may well think he has the parenting environment down by now, Lionel instructed Amusement Tonight that there had been some talks he’d relatively not have been associated in.

“Allow me just tell you it falls into two categories,” he said. “Boys, you know, are standard knuckleheads. So when they come to you, you know what that’s all about mainly because you had been a single of them and likely still are.”

“When it arrives down to the girls, girls can shock mainly because they are open up about their lives now. I remember likely to my girls and saying, ‘OK, just tell me whatever’s on your intellect, run it by me and I can assist you.’ They have introduced me some tales some days and I went, ‘I never want to know about this’.”

In actuality, Lionel would much desire to go away the more complicated discussions up to his other 50 percent.

“So all I can say to all the guys out there who have girls, just get in touch with your wife in the area and say, ‘Honey, you deal with that,'” he laughed. “And as far as the boys are involved, just tell them, ‘Don’t be stupid.’ But it is a challenge, specifically now with social media.”