December 6, 2022


Art Is Experience

Matt James’ The Bachelor: Women Tell All Was So Boring

At the time all over again, the ladies have advised all—or at minimum they have advised some.  

There was surely something strange about tonight’s reunion episode of The Bachelor, given that the franchise has been by some critical turmoil considering the fact that its taping on Feb. four, and none of that could be tackled on screen just however. Chris Harrison was nonetheless the host considering the fact that this was filmed before he stepped aside. There was no dialogue of racism at any position. 

Having said that, the present did handle to obtain some points to chat about. 

The to start with fifty percent hour was put in rehashing the bullying that plagued most of the time, with fairly astonishing benefits. MJ got the chance to defend herself right after the way she treated Jessenia, and the other ladies all expressed how unhappy they had been with Katie, accusing her of telling on them to Matt James just to get in advance in her marriage. Anna did apologize profusely to Brittany for spreading rumors about her and Victoria apologized to Katie for some points she experienced said about her.