Rich Riffle’s New Book ‘Buzzby Bee’ is a Heartwarming Tale About a Determined Bee Who Journeys to Save His Colony From a Life-Threatening Event

Current launch “Buzzby Bee” from Newman Springs Publishing writer Wealthy Riffle is an enthralling narrative of a bee who ventures on an adventure and learns significant virtues that aid him help you save his colony.

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up-to-date: Might 22, 2020

Wealthy Riffle has finished his new e-book “Buzzby Bee”: an inspiring account that follows Buzzby Bee, a courageous insect who hopes to help you save the orchard and ultimately his colony from a dangerous condition.

Wealthy writes, “Buzzby Bee life in an common cherry orchard. He finds himself in a life-threatening condition that takes him away from his pals and colony. Befriending a human, he gathers bravery, energy, and being familiar with as he meets the worries placed ahead of him. Through his expertise and newfound self-assurance, he delivers the significantly-desired inspiration to start to revitalize the orchard.”

Released by Newman Springs

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