Hockey for newbies: A quick primer for Vegas Golden Knights fans in waiting

So you have seen Vegas Golden Knights jerseys close to town and listened to men and women chatting about the Stanley Cup. You want to get into hockey, but you really really don’t know the activity … and at this issue, you are also embarrassed to check with for support.

Hockey can be a small daunting for newcomers. Let’s crack it down and make a accurate hockey enthusiast of you.

How to participate in

Hockey’s a relatively easy match: Use a stick to go the puck close to the ice and into the objective. There are principles, of training course, but next a hockey match is straightforward when you fully grasp two simple ideas: what the lines on the ice suggest, and what you can and can not do with your stick.

The blue lines crack up the ice—into two attacking zones and 1 neutral zone. Offensive players can not

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