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Lest you low cost reaction from a home-city viewers and reviewer, January 2010 Florence took her present to the Rrazz Room in San Francisco. More glowing reviews were forthcoming from David Wiegand writing in the San Francisco Chronicle: “In truth, Henderson, svelte and terminally perky, sings only a couple of dozen numbers over the course of her 90-minute show, and a couple of these songs are novelty numbers cleverly meant to concede the truth that she might not be a spring chicken, she might or may not have had work achieved, she actually, really likes men, no matter her squeaky-clean TELEVISION image, and so what? She deceives the audience as only an excellent performer can: Inside minutes, you will think she’s in your living room, chatting over cocktails. And by the tip of the show, the only query you may want to ask is, do you really have to go?”… Read More