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When he has given many lucrative films as Kushi, Piriyamanavale, Ghilli, Badri and Sivakasi, a number of of his movies were failures similar to Azhagiya Tamil Magan, Kuruvi, Sura and Villu. This second costliest hero in Tamil movie business has been stated to obtain a payment of about 9 crore rupees for a single film. The latest flops in 2009-2011 state that he’s the most expensive flop hero also. The same in addition to predictable nature of the script in film after movie is the explanation for his downfalls. While the folks anticipate seeing a change in films and desire to have a distinctive story with difference in performing model, he failed to seize their mind voice and was providing the identical form of romantic hero topic with the similar style of appearing that resulted within the failure of his films in sequence.

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This article has listed three explanation why Kelly Rowland is more attractive than Beyonce Knowles. This text under no circumstances needs to be seen as damaging to Beyonce. The creator of this text is a big fan of Beyonce. Beyonce has an unimaginable voice, in all probability the most effective out there in R&B at the moment. Beyonce has an incredible stage present. There aren’t a number of females who can move like her. Beyonce is great too. Nevertheless, Kelly Rowland is more engaging than Beyonce Knowles.

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