July 23, 2024


Art Is Experience

The Future of 3D Animation – The Virtual World on Steroids and Life As Simulator

The future of animation is nearly upon us, where you become your own avatar in a virtual world, interacting with characters and becoming one yourself. Let me explain, a few years backy I met an interesting Gentleman at a Coffee Shop, Robert V. Ries, was his name. Bob expressed to me that he felt our life experience was nothing more than a really good simulator which put us into organic bodies to experience the Earthlings Realm and to test our will and strength of character in a variety of situations.

He went on to say that we were interacting with many other is the same simulator. We talked for hours and his theories seemed somewhat far-fetched, although he did go into a long scientific explanation of how this might work. He explained our advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, Electronic Gaming, as well as modern day movies such as Vanilla Sky, The Matrix and Fight Club. We discussed the Department of Defense’s Net-Centric Battlespaces where your targets came up in augmented reality and how your night vision and eye-tracking systems became human brain-mind-eye interfaces with the silicon world in a 4D world where you could see below, beyond and 360 degrees.

He explained paradigms of time, space and mind. Additionally I brought up other concepts which assisted the conversation; concepts of NASA’s ten screen Air Traffic Control Simulators, Sci-Fi writer Ben Bova’s insights on the future of Mars and space for entertainment tourism, Bill Gate’s investment in Six Flags Magic Mountain and DARPA’s research with mapping of a human life studying the experiences, emails, movies, conversations and events from birth to death.

The discussion in fact went through all the technologies of simulation from truck driving to first responders. It became apparent to me that even if the life experience was not a simulator, well with the rapidly approaching technology, it certainly could be. We also discussed issues of one in a state of animation where their bodies did not move but they remained in the life simulation event, which they had chosen, and their bodies were flipped over and biometrically watched as to prevent entropy; similar to the movie Coma.

We decided that perhaps it would not be such a bad life as you could chose your dream or simulation, rather than facing a reality. Another thought came out of the conversation which is intriguing and that is the use of a human collective of minds of those who were currently in their simulator. Since many parts of the brain would not be used they would be hooked together at a quantum level to work on problems and being fully exercised while the other parts of the brain were fully engaged in the simulator. In fact we determined by lengthening the dreamtime of the participant we could extend their life by ten fold and still borrow some of their brain capacity while idling the body.

We further surmised that we could use brain in the simulator during their pretend dream times and take them down to 1-5 Hz frequency for super immune healing of the body, blood filtration cleaning and ion-therapy. Meanwhile while operating at such low frequencies the mind would be straddling what we perceive as time. We could then send others into the simulator for brief visits to ask questions of the participant to see how their life simulator was progressing, interact with them and then report back the findings and possible futures that their brains had picked up on.

When the person woke up they would feel younger, be in perfect health, be many years forward in their actual life and then return to society free from psychological issues, health issues and in the future. But who would volunteer for this? Rather who might pay for this. Our thoughts were anyone dying of a disease, anyone who could not cope, anyone who felt that they were living in the wrong time period or anyone who really wanted to experience an extreme in life. Extreme pleasure, adversity or challenge seekers would be worthy candidates, also it would be great for offenders of society or prison rehabilitation as they would be donating brain capacity to the collective for important projects, learn a new lesson, be cured of their disruptive behavior and so on.

Our conversation ended abruptly as he noticed he needed to get to the airport top catch his plane back to the UK, although I had not gotten his email address for further dialogue to continue this conversation, perhaps me passing it on to you may be just as good. Think on this for me.