July 24, 2024


Art Is Experience

Tibetan Art Books – What’s in It for You?

Have you ever wondered what you will find inside Tibetan art books? Can you easily judge them by their cover? Well, if you think this ancient arts are fascinating, then their books will never come short in comparison. You just need to know which of those books will stir your interests.

Tibetan culture and its art are interesting subjects for many artists, students and historians. This ancient art is rich in culture and great discoveries. Most of these art works were creations of great artists from all walks of life. It is noticeable, however, that most Tibetan artists are inclined to spiritual philosophies; some of them are Buddhists and scholars.

Tibetan works of art such as paintings, sculptures, and crafts, are representations of Buddha and deities. They were created with various objectives. Most are used as teaching tools, meditation devices and mediums through which they can offer prayers and spiritual healing. Tibetan art books contain the most relevant information about the culture of Tibet and even Buddhism.


Anything must come from something, as the saying goes. Most of these books contain the history of different masterpieces. With the help of Tibetan history books, you will discover a lot of things about art, culture and traditions specifically the origins of some of the greatest Tibetan works of art. For instance, reading something about Tibetan thanka, a rolled up painting which depicts lives of Buddhas and deities, will let you discover when Tibetans started using thankas and the purpose they serve. You will also find information about the modification conducted by artists to make thankas even more durable.


Tibetan art books will always have pictures and images showing a particular artwork. Writers and publishers always provide readers with visual aids to better understand the significance and meaning of their masterpieces.

Tibetan works of art are known for its richness in colors that come in various symbols and forms. Sometimes they even use pure gold on their artworks to make it even more appealing. Tibetan artists pay so much attention to details hence, most of them gone through extensive study and training to achieve expertise in compiling Tibetan art books.

Life of Buddha

Most Tibetan artworks are iconographic representation of the lives of Buddha. You will find these stories in Tibetan art books. Such stories will serve as guide to enlightenment which the Buddha aimed to reach. Tibetan art books also contain great values and qualities including prayers, mantras and sutras.