What Photography equipment should every beginner have?

If you are beginning your photography journey, then you might be confused about what equipment to buy. Not only that, there are so many pieces of equipment included in photography that a beginner cannot even decide which ones are crucial for the start and which ones would be needed later on. The simple thing is, if you do not start your photography career with the right equipment, you might have to face troubles in your journey. You will not be able to understand the basics, and of course, it is definitely not what any photographer would want.

Well, that is why I am here with a few photography equipment that you should get as a beginner. Before visiting any shop to buy that equipment, I would recommend you to first check online electronic stores reviews so that you can know if the store is credible and trusted for your needs.

The photography equipment you should have as a beginner!

Let’s take a look at the list and get you started with your photography journey right away!

  1. Tripod!

The reason why I have put a tripod before anything else is that it plays a very major role in making you comfortable using your camera. Tripod does not only offer you balance, but it also allows you to take long-exposure shots too without any type of motion blur. Do remember that it is a better idea to go with portable tripods as a beginner so that you can carry them anywhere you want.

If you do not know where to buy these types of tripods, you can simply use allreviews.ca and find the stores that are selling them. Just go through the reviews too before making a purchase to have peace of mind at the end.

  1. Speedlight

If you think that the lighting will always be perfect when you go on a shoot, then you might be wrong. Most of the time, photographers have to use Speedlight in order to have great exposure and describe the photo briefly. The best thing is, Speedlight is synced with your camera, so you won’t have to use it separately while taking photos. 

  1. Camera bag

Keeping things organized has always been a good idea. If we specifically talk about photography, there are quite a lot of things you have to take care of. There are lenses, memory cards, USBs, cleaners, batteries, and much more. In order to keep them safe, it is a good idea to get a bag and get them organized.

  1. Any prime lens

Every camera comes with a standard lens which is usually not that good when it comes to professional photography. That is why investing in a good prime lens can solve many problems for you. You will be able to have detailed photos too using different features that could be illuminated well on them.

  1. Extra hard drives

What would you do if the storage of your memory card tops up during your photography session? Well, you won’t be able to save any more pictures or videos, and it will surely ruin your whole experience. That is why it is always better to keep extra hard drives with you that can save you in those critical situations.


These are just the things that you would have to keep in mind as a beginner. There are many more things that you would have to get your hands on when you enter the professional area of photography. So keep learning and see how things go.