Tips for hiring a house cleaner or cleaning service

So you want a clean house, but you don’t want to clean it? Fortunately, there’s a thriving industry—made up of solo cleaners and full-service companies—to solve that problem. But how do you choose who to hire? Read on.


The most obvious reasons to hire a cleaning service are physical limitations, such as disability, age and chemical sensitivity. But time is also an important factor to consider. Elena Ledoux, CEO of Las Vegas-based Superb Maids, says a house cleaner could “buy you those couple hours a week” to spend doing what you love. “Even with me loving cleaning, I still tend to not have enough time to do it,” she says.

Some people do have time to clean but feel like they don’t do it well. Ledoux says the feeling of losing a battle against the mess can be stressful. And professionals can clean your house better and faster.

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