Lady Filmmakers Film Festival Launches Streaming Channel with Film Festival Flix, May 1st

A choice of the films offered on the Woman Filmmakers Channel, Might 1st.

The Woman Filmmakers Channel is offered on Movie Pageant Flix commencing Might 1st. The channel will attribute amongst five and 10 courses, plus collection, just about every month inside of the channel subscription, with the comprehensive library will be offered to viewers to hire specific films at any time.

What occurs when the festival operate is in excess of? For quite a few filmmakers, almost nothing occurs. The film they’ve labored in excess of has been screened, and those people who didn’t see it will have to find it in yet another festival. That is, following the filmmaker does the legwork of acquiring it into yet another festival. And advertising and marketing it. And hoping that their gem lastly (lastly!) catches a distributor or gross sales agent’s eye.

But what if

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