Cowboy Camaraderie: Rodeo returns to Las Vegas with two organizations teaming up for a three-day weekend


Several of Valeria Howard-Cunningham’s favorite moments about additional than a few many years expended all-around Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo, the all-Black circuit her late partner launched in 1977, have involved demonstrations introducing the sport and the organization’s record to kids.

Howard-Cunningham, now BPIR’s CEO, usually positions herself at the entrance of the arena prior to the start off of the “Rodeo for Kids’ Sake” periods, so she can witness newcomers’ reactions. And she has grow to be made use of to listening to just one takeaway regularly about the decades.

“I’ve heard so lots of of them say, ‘Oh, my God, we’ve never found this prior to on television. There essentially are Black cowboys and cowgirls,’ ” Howard-Cunningham claims.

There could possibly be fewer of people shocked initially impressions following a historic rodeo weekend scheduled for June 11-thirteen

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