December 8, 2022


Art Is Experience

Ben Higgins Says Post-Bachelor TV Show With Lauren Led to Split

Luckily, those lessons paid off. He later met Jessica Clarke on social media, and the two of them got engaged in March 2020. As Ben recalled on the podcast, Jessica was in for quite the surprise when she arrived at his home after flying in to meet him for the first time. 

“She walked up to the front steps, and my driveways a little long,” he said. “She had her bags in her hand, and I just walked out, and I just gave her a kiss. Not just a peck—I laid it on her. And she was just kind of like, Whoa!”

As for when he knew she was the right person to spend his life with, Ben explained that he already had his mind made up within a few months of meeting her.

“Once you have that partner that wants to support you, that’s curious about you, that loves you, that you just have this peace and trust with them, that you recognize that your life is more beautiful with them than without them, I guess the question that you have to ask is, Why not?” the Alone in Plain Sight author said. “What else are you looking for? And she’s beautiful.”

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