July 24, 2024


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Best Freelance Graphic Design Tutorials

What is Graphic Design Tutorial?

Graphic design tutorials, which are designed by experts, consist of drawings and pictures that an aspiring designer needs for presenting different works. A tutorial at first ensures to strengthen the base for a designer, and also introduces him to different lines, textures, shapes, color and mass. It makes him familiar with the function of each designing element.

A freelance graphic design tutorial makes the students familiar with three basic shapes – natural shape, abstract and geometrical shape. Once a student gets an in depth knowledge of these basic shapes, he will be able to present marvelous piece of work. A design made on paper gets life once when it is colored. So, tutorials teach the designers the basics of color and texture selection. A basic tutorial is needed to ensure development of clear concepts related to design.

Is there any Other Graphic Designing Tutorial?

The basic tutorial is important for everyone. However, if a student has knack for some particular designing work, he can select his tutorial accordingly. With the introduction of new designing courses, several tutorials are also introduced for the students. Now, one can find tutorials on Abode Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop, InDesign, and many others. QuarkXpress tutorials are also available.

Is there any Tutorial for 3D Graphic Designers?

Tutorials on 3D effects are now making waves. It introduces every basic detail that one should know before applying 3d effect to an image. It teaches how to apply 3D effect on images, videos and texts. A freelance designer who has knowledge of using 3D effects can earn more compared to his colleague.

Tutorials are now available online. So, there is no need to search for books anymore. Though these tutorials can make a person familiar with the technicalities of the designing jobs, it cannot assure him success. To be successful, one should be creative.