September 26, 2023


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Electronic Storyboard Artist: To Be or Not To Be?

As building storyboards digitally becomes a lot more well known, we questioned skilled storyboard artist Max Ahead his sights on the execs and drawbacks of operating digitally. Max begun his profession building storyboards historically (pen/pencil and paper) and has been a purely digital storyboard artist for the past several a long time. This is what he had to say:

As significantly as the advantages-

-Clients seem at electronic storyboard artists as a lot more chopping-edge, far more qualified possibly, if like me, you ended up younger to start out, and perhaps owning some substantial-tech drawing gear helps make you at least glance like you know what you are carrying out. It makes you more aggressive.

-Possibly it’s a lot quicker and probably it really is not. Some standard storyboard artists can seriously draw fast and attractive on paper and pencil. Some digital storyboard artists are tremendous gradual. If you’re fast you happen to be fast.

-It really is a much more versatile tactic to drawing storyboards. I feel in some respects since of the many benefits included with making use of levels. In particular when shoppers are picky and need to have adjustments, like “make this car or truck glimpse even larger.” Then you can just resize the layer when not disturbing the flawlessly drawn qualifications layer and the system usually takes seconds. Clientele definitely like it when they ask for a adjust and a storyboard artist can alter the storyboard whilst they are sitting down subsequent to you in no time at all.

-If I make a blunder when I draw, so it can be awesome to be ready to hit the “undo” button.

-Also digital “brushes” are very innovative currently. Now I can draw in what seems like ink, but if I make a miscalculation I can erase it like a pencil. I can also insert neat airbrush consequences for shading. If I attempt a thing new, I just put it on a new layer. Given that it is really on it is really individual layer, if I am not delighted with it, I can generally delete it later. Electronic offers you extra liberty to experiment with out the possibility of ruining the complete illustration.

-The polished appear of the digitally drawn rectangles, textual content, and artwork is, even though just a issue of type, can make fro a extremely clean up storyboard which is normally incredibly properly received by the client.

-Ultimately, digitally formatted storyboards are most well-liked by just about every shopper as the final indicates of shipping and delivery. Some customers ask for emailed PDFs, or person frames for applications of generating an animatic, or JPG transferred through USB push and you say “no difficulty.” It is not needed to choose the more time consuming move of scanning your storyboards.

-You can often point out how you “loathe to waste paper” and “abhor poisonous inks”, and get points for heading Inexperienced with electronic art. These are authentic cost-saving steps however.

-Customers usually will arrive by to check out me illustrate storyboards on the laptop. Not to glance at the get the job done so substantially, but to marvel at the digital drawing system. They will ask queries, you can demo some neat results, and it’s a great factor generally. It truly is commonly amazing to clients when you can razzle-dazzle them with your shiny gizmos.

-Ergonomically, I come across drawing storyboards on my Cintiq to be an almost physical pain-totally free system.

-Emotion that you are on the slicing edge of your marketplace as a storyboard artist type of tends to make you come to feel risk-free… for now…

Now for the fewer drawbacks:

-Work is prone to software program and hardware crashes, and ought to be backed up and saved usually.

-Highly-priced, in some respects. Maximum price getting the price of a computer system/laptop with the Cintiq being dear as properly.

-Large understanding curve, that by no means definitely looks to go absent.

-Evolves pretty usually which incorporates incurring new expenses like upgraded software package/hardware. Most likely this will never ever go absent both.

-Upgrades are a challenging procedure in some cases. I feel numerous of the applications I use are not absolutely built-in, or buggy, or absence apparent capabilities, and these necessary variations might never arrive.

-Electronic artwork is arguably less “Artistic” in the passionate feeling of the phrase.


The earth heading electronic is not necessarily a superior thing for storyboard artists, as it is not for any maker of media, be they e book publishers, report labels, Television producers or filmmakers. New systems guarantee improved competition, but market place forces suitable these imbalances and before you know it, your work gets more durable and your spend receives lesser. Like we would have been far better off if electronic media was not invented in the 1st place. But we did, and now the environment relies upon on it and nothing at all will change us backwards. All we can do at is just test to keep up.