July 13, 2024


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What Are Giclee Art Prints and How Do They Differ From Regular Art Prints and Posters?

What Are Giclee Art Prints and How Do They Differ From Regular Art Prints and Posters?

What Are “Giclee” Art Prints?

“Giclee” art prints are high quality pieces of fine art that are often found in museums. Artists and gallery owners use the term “giclee” to refer to this type of artwork, which is richer and more eye-appealing than regular art prints or posters.

The term “Giclee” [pronounced zhee-clay] comes from a French word meaning “to squirt”, which is exactly what an ink jet printer does when it creates an image onto paper. High resolution images on photographic paper created by an ink jet printer is called a digital pigment print.

To simplify this technical jargon and distinguish these high end reproductions from regular prints and posters, the term “Giclee” was coined to describe them. Since giclee prints are found in many museums of art, the terms “giclee art prints” and “museum art prints” are often used interchangeably.

What Is The Difference Between Giclee and Regular Prints and Posters?

Giclee prints are created on top quality archival or photographic paper using a high-end premium ink jet printer. They are produced one at a time producing a rich, refined image of museum quality that lasts for 100 years under glass.

Regular prints and posters that you see online and in some retail stores use much cheaper paper and are produced in mass quantities. They are “stamped out”, usually in quantities of 10,000 or more pieces per run. Many of these prints are made in China and last for about 5 years, after which they start to turn yellow and their colors fade away.

As you get into larger sizes of 16″ x 20″ or greater, you can really see the difference in quality between giclee and regular prints and posters. At a distance, our eyes compensate for this, however, when you move closer and compare them side by side, you can instantly see the magnificent superiority of a giclee. In fact, when you look closely at a regular print or poster, you will see that the image is blurred and detail is lost. Whereas a giclee print reveals a captivating level of detail, similar to that of a high resolution photograph.

Why Do Giclee Prints Cost More Than Regular Prints and Posters?

Giclee prints cost more than regular prints and posters because of the way they are made. Giclee prints are produced one at a time by hand, using the finest ink jet printers and quality high resolution photographic paper. Regular art prints and posters are mass produced using machines that stamp out image after image on cheap paper that begins to deteriorate in 5 years or less.

Who Are Giclee Prints For?

Giclee prints are for people with a discerning eye who value fine art and museum quality craftsmanship. They offer vibrance and enchantment for a lifetime, whether placed in your beautiful home or professional office. Those who own giclee art prints revel in their exquisite beauty and rich detail.

While Giclee art prints offer uncompromising quality, their prices remain affordable. A beautiful custom 16″ x 20″ giclee art print costs only between $100-$150, unframed and may be purchased online by a trustworthy company like Art Prints America.