July 25, 2024


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How to Design Your Own Tattoo

If you have the talent, you can design your own tattoo the same way most tattoo artists do. If your skills aren’t quite up to par, there are still, a number of ways in which you can design a tattoo without having to draw it yourself. When you think of a tattoo, there must be some ‘image’ of the design or pattern that you would like to create. You must have some particular size, color scheme and other details in mind that you would want to incorporate in your tattoo. So, once you’ve determined what exactly you wish to create, it’s time to find some help.

One of the best ways to get a tattoo design created for you is to go online and find a site that offers custom tattoo design contests. These contests allow you to submit your tattoo idea and have professional tattoo artists design you a tattoo based on the information/ details you provide to them. Most of the design contests are free and do not require any registration or participation fee. But one has to offer what’s called ‘Prize Money’ to the winning designer, whose design is eventually selected as final and the best. Once the contest closes, that winning designer provides a stencil of the tattoo design which then becomes the property of the client who has paid for it.

The artists who compete in design contests are very good at working on the contest holder’s ideas, but they cannot read your minds. They’ll be able to create exactly what you want only if you tell them what is it that you are looking for in terms of intricacy, size, colors and appeal. They work on the basis of the information provided by you, so you need to be precise and willing to work with them to get your idea into a workable piece of art.

For those who want a little more ‘hands-on’ in their tattoo creation, there are online sites that have programs for you to design your own tattoo. They usually have a library of tattoo designs that you can mix and match to create something you are thinking of, but it isn’t quite the same as a truly created custom design tattoo. They do offer one option though that might be helpful, you can use it to get temporary tattoos and tattoo flash.

Where participation in tattoo contests is free, there is a certain fee for using the tattoo design software, so you need to check out the costs on the websites that offer this program. Some of them have technical requirements, so you need to see if they are compatible with your equipment and you will probably have to download some software programs to use their tattoo makers. Once you’re all set, creating your own tattoo is rather simple, but what you end up with may not be a real custom tattoo design. Anyone else that uses the program has access to the same designs as you do.

Therefore, if you really want a custom tattoo, the only way you’re truly going to get one is by having a tattoo artist design it for you. Even though they’re the one that actually draw it, you are the one who give the design idea, so, you are designing your own tattoo with the help of an artist. Tattoo design contests are a good way to find that special artist to bring your design to fruition.