June 22, 2024


Art Is Experience

Invisible and Vanishing Tattoos

There are some individuals who want a tattoo but who, usually for professional reasons, cannot have a permanent mark on their skin. For such individuals, there are options. Some of these options involve as much of a commitment as do standard tattoos and others are quite temporary in nature. Vanishing tattoos may seem like something of a contradiction in terms but there are definitely such types of art available and, for many individuals, they are the best choice when they desire to adorn their bodies but cannot have something which will interfere with their personal or professional life.

Temporary tattoos, once primarily a child’s toy, have evolved a great deal in recent years. They used to be considered by those with actual tattoos to be rather an instance of “posing” but, today, the designs are often so intricate and striking that there is no snobbery involved. Many of these tattoos are applied with an airbrush and, provided that they’re insulated from soap and water, they may last several weeks with good color retention. These tattoos are also an excellent way to experiment with a design and to determine if one wishes to have it made permanent or not.

Another type of permanent but non-visible tattooing can be done with UV-reactive ink. This effect is akin to the way clubs tend to stamp one’s hand today where an invisible mark is placed on the skin and, once exposed to ultra-violet light, the mark shines with a very intense color. These tattoos are popular with those who truly want something different and they bring a whole new meaning to the term “secret tattoo”. One could easily have their entire arm done thusly and never have to worry about wearing long sleeves to conceal the work should their professional life demand as much of them.

Some individuals are determined to have a standard tattoo and, even if their professional life is incompatible with such choices, they should not let this dissuade them. There are several areas of the body to which a tattoo can be applied which lends to it the effect of vanishing at inopportune moments. For men, the back shoulders are an excellent choice. As shirts which expose this part of the body are generally unacceptable for professional wear in any regard, there is no reason to worry about having this area of the body tattooed, either.

For women, the back shoulders may not be as good a choice for a vanishing piece of body art as they would be for men as many women’s fashions feature bare shoulders. However, the small of the lower back is one of the most popular areas with women who wish to have body art applied but who need it to be easily concealed for one reason or another. This part of the body is almost never exposed in professional situations and is an excellent choice for those who need a tattoo that can safely vanish when the demands of professional life require it.