July 13, 2024


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Koi Sleeve Tattoos – The Real McKoi?

Koi Sleeve Tattoos – The Real McKoi?

Japanese tattoo art is more correctly known as “irezumi”. The irezumi, or Japanese tattooing, have had mostly spiritual significance in the realm of Japanese art. Hence, common Japanese art include mythic beings like dragons, among other beasts and monsters. Other images includes flower designs, characters from Japanese folklore, samurais and geishas, Buddha and other deities, Shinto deities, backgrounds or nature, and even animals. One of the more common animal symbols is the koi tattoo design.

A koi sleeve tattoo is simply a fish art design, as koi is the Japanese term for a carp. The koi fish has been more than just a symbol of prosperity for the Japanese people, but also a symbol of love and friendship.

Wanting a koi sleeve tattoo? Then read on and understand one of the age old meanings of a koi tattoo art. It has been both Japanese and Chinese legend about the wondrous transformation a koi may undergo. It has been according to these legends, that there will come a strong koi who will brave the waters and climb the falls, which is aptly called Dragon Gate, as that very koi will transform into a majestic Dragon. However, if the koi is caught, he faces death in the chopping board, much like a samurai. Hence, the koi has been a symbol of aspiration and advancement.

In Buddhist symbolism, a koi sleeve tattoo is much explained as a koi running through waters. This koi, symbolizes the human race, bracing the “oceans of suffering”. When a koi swims upstream, it just simply means that the koi is still struggling. If it swims downstream, this simply means that the wearer has overcome all difficulty.

I do hope that this has helped you in choosing which koi sleeve tattoo you will be choosing from here on.