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‘Love Is Blind’ on Netflix: Barnett and Amber tell all

The next is made up of spoilers from the closing episode of Netflix’s “Love Is Blind.”

He’s a charming player with a cute canine who had three girls swooning about him by a wall. She’s an ex-tank mechanic who snorts when she laughs and splurges on make-up. Jointly, they identified enjoy on Netflix’s addictive courting series “Love Is Blind.”

We’re chatting about Matt Barnett and Amber Pike.

The pair withstood the bizarre matchmaking experiment — which commences with a group of 20- and thirty-one thing singles obtaining to know every single other with a wall between them prior to any confront-to-confront link can be shaped — and emerged as one particular of its two achievement tales. And if you watched, you know the journey down the aisle, together with the morning of, was not without having drama.

Before this 7 days, we spoke with Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Velocity, the only other pair that obtained married in the finale, about their time on the unscripted guilty satisfaction.

Now, here’s our discussion with Barnett and Pike:

“Love Is Blind”

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett in “Love Is Blind”


How would you describe what this experience has been like, from that 1st day stepping foot into all those pods to now?

Pike: Just truly surprising and astonishing. I feel I’ve stated various instances: I didn’t really count on to meet up with any individual in this experiment, due to the fact I know how individual I am and what a massive individuality I am and how tricky it is for a good deal of persons to stand up to that. So, you know, getting somebody that was on my degree that I really clicked with was truly astonishing. And, you know, the show coming out and blowing up like it has, that was unquestionably astonishing as well. I imagined we had been just getting normal persons. And I feel we’re entertaining, but I imagined I was just getting biased.

Barnett: It was incredibly overpowering for me. I’m honestly incredibly shy. And the full 1st few times [of output] I was kind of obtaining at ease in the condition and obtained hit with overpowering thoughts and items that I hadn’t felt, at any time. It is in all probability one particular of the most fascinating, exciting, overpowering experiences of my life.

Did you go in with a approach? What did you choose would be vital for you to get to know during that pod period?

Pike: For me, I did have one particular really serious marriage prior to this that I imagined that was heading to guide to relationship and it fell aside due to the fact we didn’t speak about vital items. We didn’t want the exact same things in our life. And so there had been items like acquiring a household and what sort of household life you needed and things that was vital for me. I just realized I had to be myself, due to the fact I know I didn’t want to have any fake promotion.

Barnett: I recognized I had no … clue. So I was kind of flipped about my head and striving to figure out what I truly needed.

During the pod period, had been you authorized to truly get into describing what you appeared like or was that off limitations?

Barnett: We didn’t truly management what we stated. I like describing myself mistaken. It is exciting for me. I would say I appeared like Jon Snow but balding.

Pike: Yeah, we could say whatsoever we needed to. And there had been persons that asked. I especially tried using not to. That was kind of versus the issue of it, but if somebody did inquire, I feel my typical go-to description, due to the fact I’ve been explained to this from a good deal of friends, is I would say “Miss Congeniality,” like Sandra Bullock in “Miss Congeniality.”

Barnett: I fully imagined her acquiring crimson hair.

Pike: I terrified him a very little little bit and he expected me to be like this punk rocker.

Barnett: I feel there’s a motion picture identified as “Tank Female.”

Pike: I know specifically what you’re chatting about. Get out of right here.

I know you men had been in there a extended time and every little thing receives condensed. But we didn’t hear a good deal of speak about politics or religion. Did all those subjects come up and just didn’t make it to air?

Pike: I feel every person was kind of tentatively chatting about it, due to the fact it is so sensitive and when you’re on a date, you do try out to technique it far more cautiously. And on quite a few of the dates, we all kind of glossed about no matter whether we did or didn’t agree with generalizations. But I do not feel we truly obtained into details about that in front of the cameras due to the fact that is one thing that …

Barnett: Is unquestionably incredibly, incredibly polarizing.

Pike: It was one thing that a good deal of the partners talked about.

Barnett: They talked about it, but it was not, like, extremely discussed. Kind of like, “Who did you vote for?” and then that was it.

Love Is Blind

The “Love Is Blind” established.


How did you men even hear about this show? Did you apply, or had been approached?

Pike: I obtained a random message ask for on Instagram from somebody who was like, “How would you truly feel about getting on Television?” And I was a very little sketched out. Like, “Uh-huh, what do you imply? What do you want me to do? This is truly suspicious. Will I have clothes on? Like, what do you want right here?” And they stated it was a legit courting show and asked if I was intrigued. There’s no cause why I wouldn’t try out a courting show. I was not looking at any individual and I’m usually open to most likely getting enjoy. So, like, let us do it. Let us participate in the odds.

Barnett: Very same detail — I feel they attained out to me on Instagram and I do not know how they identified me due to the fact my Instagram is private. I obtained fortunate, I guess.

Pike: I feel they had been just looking Atlanta hashtags possibly. We’re nevertheless curious about that ourselves.

In getting in a position to watch how every little thing unfolded, what shocked you about the experiences the other partners had in this procedure?

Barnett: I feel I didn’t know what persons had been heading by. I guess we had been kind of undertaking our own very little detail in our own very little corner bubble, whatsoever you want to call it, although filming, so we weren’t targeted on it. So now we can kind of understand hunting again on it. And it’s form of like, “Wow, I should really have been a improved close friend.”

Pike: It is exciting, due to the fact when we had been in the pods and we had been separated, the men and the girls, we had been all chatting about every little thing. We had been all truly near and we all realized every little thing that was heading on. And it appears like once we obtained engaged, we all kind of obtained caught up figuring out our own own relationships and things. When we talked [with absolutely everyone] immediately after that, our discussion kind of altered to far more informal hanging out … I felt kind of bad. I truly feel like I misplaced contact through the procedure and I want I’d been there far more for the other girls.

Do you men have any regrets? Matt, you had two other girls, Jessica and LC, who imagined you may pop the dilemma and felt like you led them on.

Barnett: 1st off, the response to the dilemma: I do not feel I would alter just about anything. And I feel for absolutely everyone else, it might not have seemed like the most sensitive to other people’s thoughts way to go about it, but I feel it was my procedure and it obtained me to where by I was in the correct headspace to really choose that subsequent stage and then comply with by with the individual that I did enjoy for the rest of my life. I felt terrible in the full condition. There had been times I’d just be crying randomly due to the fact I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to damage an individual. I’d in no way been in that condition prior to. It was tugging on my coronary heart so tricky, and I was like, “I should really just go away.” But then Rory was like, “Don’t permit dread management your life permit dread make you operate toward one thing that could be awesome.” He talked me down.

Oh, that Rory. He was the sage of the full group.

Pike: He truly is.

Barnett: The craziest element was, he was heading by the exact same things as every person else. He’s a superior man.

Love Is Blind

Amber Pike of “Love Is Blind.”


Did both of you have a sense of how Jessica was struggling with Barnett’s conclusion? I know there was that second where by you men had been all hanging out and she pulled you apart, Amber.

Pike: I had no thought what she was struggling with, the details. I know Mark. Mark and I turned friends in the pod. When we had been out of the pods, Mark and I spoke various instances, and as much as we realized, her only difficulty was about age, and nobody truly realized — apart from for Jessica — that she was, you know, nevertheless fawning for the man that turned her down. I had no thought. Lord, I want I had. But I didn’t.

1 of the placing times in the show — one thing I had in no way viewed on a courting show — was the second where by you both of those discussed your fiscal condition. And Amber, persons have had a good deal to say about the debts you disclosed.

Pike: Finances, certainly, is not a one particular-moment discussion, like you men obtained to see in the show. That was a piece of a a great deal more substantial discussion, most of which Matt and I had in private. And, yeah, I had college student debts at the time, but so did Matt. I have one particular credit card, he has his credit cards, and we both of those discussed that whatsoever we come into the relationship with is our different responsibilities. I do not want to choose just about anything on that I haven’t acquired for myself, and vice versa. We’ve every single agreed to choose care of items individually. And then whatsoever we do jointly, that is what we share. It is a very little unfortunate that persons had these kinds of a confined look at of that, but I had no regrets about chatting about that due to the fact I am and usually will be an open reserve. Like I stated, I didn’t want to have any kind of fake promotion or just about anything hidden. I needed to be approved entirely. Matt realized really a great deal all of my skeletons when obtained married.

Did you see the social chatter, of persons stating they hope Matt obtained a prenup?

Pike: No. Brain your business, folks. Our funds is our problem. One more detail that gave a bad illustration was I was out of function at the time. But that is due to the fact I was in the middle of a lawsuit about a office injury and blah, blah. That was nevertheless heading on during the filming. And at the time, I could not lead, so I was caught at home and I could not function, but I function. I’m far more than content generating my own funds to fork out my element of the payments.

Love Is Blind

Matt Barnett of “Love Is Blind.”


How concerned had been you authorized to be with the planning of the marriage? Could you select the colors of the bridesmaid attire? The bouquets?

Pike: I feel you men will recognize a good deal of the things that we all had was kind of very similar. Netflix was really a great deal taking about the fiscal element of the marriage, so we did get specific decisions. Our marriage attire and the type that we selected for the receptions, what sort of meals we needed or our guests’ bouquets — we obtained to choose all those items for ourselves. But ultimately, I honestly didn’t truly care a great deal about any of that. I just needed to do the marriage and I really a great deal explained to them the items I cared about had been the new music and the costume and the bouquets and every little thing else they could do what they needed with due to the fact I reliable them. I’m not super stylish. I reliable that the persons that they had been employing had been improved than me, and I know some of the other brides had been a good deal far more concerned than I was.

Barnett: I picked the cake.

What taste?

Barnett: It was strawberry, with actual strawberries inside of.

Pike: And product cheese frosting. I enjoy product cheese frosting. It was so superior.

What tune did you do your 1st dance to?

Pike: When we had been in Mexico, and the evening immediately after we all had all those tequila photographs on the beach front with all the other persons, Matt and I obtained turnt and I was laying on the mattress, like, just striving not to have to the area spinning. I was lying on the mattress, and Matt was stroking my hair and he started off participating in the ukulele for me, that Jason Mraz tune “I Will not Give Up.” And I was like, that is our tune now. That was these kinds of a sweet second. Honestly, I want you men had gotten to see that.

Matt, we saw that your household had their reservations about this full detail, as I feel any household would. Have they come close to to it all?

Barnett: Seeking again at it, it didn’t truly feel that awkward or unpleasant. Yeah, Amber arrived in and was anxious, but all round, my household was really chill and really my father had a beer with her. It was not that massive of a offer. My brother was just incredibly protecting of me. He’s my more mature brother. He’s guided me by a good deal of marriage difficulties in the previous. He was like, “Make sure you’re not undertaking this for the mistaken explanations. Make sure you really see the rest of your life with this individual.”

Pike: He’s the logical one particular. He’s the sensible, “Think tricky about it” kind of man. I understood the warning. Which is certainly a normal reaction if anybody’s like, “Hey, by the way, I’m obtaining married,” and they had no thought that he was truly undertaking that. Ideal immediately after our marriage, Matt took a excursion to Amsterdam for Thanksgiving with some man friends. And I invested Thanksgiving with his household. It was magnificent.

Barnett: They had been incredibly impressed with how modest she was and how a great deal meals she could eat.

Effectively, Matt, the morning of the marriage, we see that you’re acquiring some nerves about all of it. What was heading by your intellect? And Amber, how had been you in a position to shift previous his question?

Barnett: I’d call it a small panic attack. I woke up at like five or 6 a.m. and I went to choose a shower to commence obtaining prepared for the day and I sat down in the shower and just started off crying. I was freaking out about, you know, this is the rest of my life. Am I generating the correct conclusion? Is every little thing heading to function? So I identified as her striving to get my feet again on the ground —

Pike: You texted me.

Barnett: Oh, yeah, they wouldn’t permit me call you.

Pike: He texted me, “I’m freaking out.” And I stated, “OK, like cold feet freaking out or psyched for it?” And he stated “cold feet.” I tried using to call him. But it was correct when he was obtaining with the producers and every person and at that issue they had been taking all of our phones so that we wouldn’t speak to every single other prior to the marriage — form of like, the bride is not supposed to be viewed by the groom. So that was the complete worst attainable timing.

I can understand where by he was coming from due to the fact I was freaking out a very little little bit as well. I was sure that I needed to marry him, but also, this was just a few weeks into a marriage and it was substantial. I had a knot in my chest and I in no way felt just about anything like that, so I do not feel I was deciphering it the exact same way as him. I just felt like I necessary to speak to him and imagined we could speak by it, due to the fact I had no question that I needed to be married and I had no question that he needed to be married to me. It is just the timeline of it was kind of frightening.

When I was at the location I was nevertheless truly pressured due to the fact I could not speak to him. Yeah, I was terrified that, due to the fact I could not speak to him, he was gonna — I was not gonna be in a position to help him by it. I imagined he was heading to be the runaway bride. My mother went to speak to him. And she arrives correct again up just a few minutes later and goes, “Oh, you’re fine. He’s fine. You are heading to get married nowadays and do not even fear about it. He enjoys you.”

How did you you celebrate your 1st anniversary?

Pike: 1 of my very best friends really obtained married an specific thirty day period prior to we did. So we all went on a cruise jointly. And then on the day of, considering the fact that the 1st year is the paper anniversary, we obtained Chinese meals and ate it up on paper. It was wonderful.

Barnett: I re-produced one particular of the dates, try to remember?

Pike: Oh, yeah. So, Alright, there was truly bad temperature on our actual anniversary. And he was so psyched about this. It was lovely. So on our 1st date we went on in Mexico, we had this picnic on a beach front. I explained to him I needed to do things like that when we had been married. I do not know if you found, but our anniversary was in November, so it was a very little cold. And a very little moist. We went for a drive one particular evening and he’s like, “Stay in the vehicle. I’ll be correct again.” And he obtained this very little blanket with a picnic and had these candles all lit up and you know we’re hunting at the stars and we’re sitting down down and it’s cold but it’s so sweet. And we go to get up and I imagined my butt was just cold due to the fact it’s freezing outdoors. No, the dew on the grass fully soaked by the blanket and we had been both of those so soaked and freezing. It was fantastic.

Where are you men dwelling these times? Is it Matt’s property that we see on the show?

Barnett: No, I marketed it to fork out off all my college student debts.

Pike: The property was not truly conducive to the sort of marriage we needed. It is not truly near to the city and we’re really lively, outgoing persons. So, the spot that I was keeping beforehand, we really moved into that condominium. We dwell in this truly magnificent condominium at the Battery, which we both of those truly delight in due to the fact Matt’s a substantial baseball fan. And we just get to do truly magnificent things all the time. It is a very little fewer pressure, which I feel is wonderful for us due to the fact we’re kind of doing the job backwards in the relationship and taking the pressure off. We have the dedication, and now we’re taking time to have exciting and be jointly like a normal pair would choose time with an condominium prior to they obtained a property jointly.< /p>

How’s Koda?

Barnett: She’s the very best canine in the earth.

Pike: She enjoys heading on hikes. We dwell really near to the Chattahoochee [River], so we choose her down to the river a good deal when it’s summertime. She’s dwelling the desire.