July 24, 2024


Art Is Experience

Nail Art As a Growing Art Form

Fashion has always been experimented with many types of art forms. One of the most growing and happening thing now a days in fashion is the beautiful nail art. Fashionable women are now decorating their nails in many beautiful designs ranging from simple and understated to more intricate and outrageous patterns.

Nail art turns nails into a small canvas. Many artistic designs can be done on such a small space. This can be done by freehand painting or by using many decorative materials like gem stones, glitters, stars, dots, stripes etc.

Freehand painting on nails:

Nails can be painted freehand. But it should be done with proper care and right procedure. Before starting painting, nails should be nicely trimmed, cleaned and dried. First apply the base coat. Then apply two coats of desired nail colour according to the design. Then start painting on it with brush by taking desired nail colours. When finished, let it dry. At the end apply a transparent top coat on the complete design. This helps the art stay longer. Beginners should start with simple designs. Let your creativity flow through the brush. It can be floral, geometric, abstract as per your style. For inspiration, you can browse through many nail art galleries on internet also.

Professional nail artists:

When nail art can be done at home, there are professionals in beauty salon for this job, called ‘nailist’. Professional nailist do it in a better way. They use right materials and proper techniques to make it perfect.

Using accessories on nails:

Many decorative gems, foils, tiny flowers and other such accessories are available in market which can be used to give nail art a three dimensional look. Earlier nail paints were available with stars and glitters floating in them. But now a days such materials are available separately. apply a small amount of nail art sealer on nail first. Then pour out some decorative items on a plate. Now pick up desired items with the help of a tweezer or a manicure stick. Then place on the nail carefully and put little pressure on it. Let it dry.

Nail stickers

Nail stickers are ready-made designs created in the shape of nails. They can be just pressed on nails to get an instant fix.

Popularity of nail art:

Nail art originated in Japan. But it has gained world wide popularity in last ten years. Professional nailists are growing in many beauty salons at present. Many institutions are also offering courses on nail art. Many countries are arranging nail art workshops and exhibitions to promote this trendy art form. Not only finger nails, toe nail painting is also becoming the latest trend. All these development shows that, this unique, trendy and stylish art form is going to stay longer and stronger in the world of fashion.