35 glorious years of Phase Three | Entertainment

One of the times that stand out for Delano Forbes, the latest CEO of Stage Three Productions, was when his mother and father shed almost everything in a hearth in 1999 and they had to pretty much start from scratch, as there was no insurance coverage to cushion the blow. Like the phoenix, Stage Three, a complete-support tv and multimedia output enterprise, rose from the ashes, and flew on, gloriously celebrating their 35th anniversary a few months ago.

“I was a teen at the time and I remember considering to begin with that almost everything would be Alright, simply because there would be insurance coverage,” Forbes told The Gleaner. Wrong. His mother and father, Richard and Marcia Forbes, were being essentially renegotiating with the insurance coverage enterprise at the time tragedy struck. But on the lookout back again, Forbes embraces this as yet another understanding curve in the 3

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