June 25, 2024


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Philosophy Audio Book Review – Great Minds and Thoughts of Philosophical History

Would you like to really get a handle on the subject of philosophy? I mean really get to know the subject, the famous names, and the root of their thoughts? If so, let me recommend an excellent audio series to you, one that is so good, you’ll want to keep it on your bookshelf when you complete your listening to it:

“The Great Ideas of Philosophy (Second Edition)” of the Great Courses 0f Philosophy and Intellectual History by Professor Daniel N. Robinson Ph.D. Oxford; The Teaching Company Limited Partnership Audio Series; Chantilly, VA; 2004. ISBN: 1-56585-981-2.

This is a five part series, and it is 60 lessons The lectures are roughly 30 hours of lectures and it comes on thirty CD ROMS. It is extremely comprehensive and moves very fast, and it must be listened to in complete silence, with full attention and probably best listened to in the dark. If not, if any distraction you will not be able to follow along. This series is one of the best I’ve found from the Teaching Company.

Robinson does a superb job on this; he is also the author or editor of some 40 books. You will be blown away by this course. I would also submit to you that since he moves very quickly, you will get an excellent over view of the subject of philosophy and the history or philosophy, along with all the famous names.

If you are a pre-college student, I’d suggest that you buy this series and listen to it twice or three times prior to taking your philosophy classes. I’d also recommend it to anyone who wants to brush up on the subject moving from a community college into a 4-year college if you are going to study philosophy. If you are retired and just wish to exercise your mind, yes, well this will definitely do that for you as well.