Riverdale Reveals the Truth About Jughead

Surprise! Jughead’s not dead after all! 

Even with all of the proof that he was dead, we are not the least bit stunned to be saying that Jughead Jones is alive and perfectly, hiding out in the bunker in an effort and hard work to encourage the Stonewall preppies that he is essentially dead, so that they’ll crack and reveal the strategy they experienced to eliminate him and pin it all on Betty. 

Apparently, the beanie cushioned the blow from the rock, so it did not perform when they tried to eliminate him. And all people was in on the coverup, together with FP, Mary, Jellybean, the coroner, Charles, and sooner or later even Alice. 

Jughead’s charade continues as the entire gang attempts to figure out what the hell is likely on at Stonewall, which we know is all becoming guide by the maniacal Donna. Although at the incredibly close of the episode, the group realized that Donna just isn’t essentially Donna, and it gave Jughead a wonderful concept about how to just take down his Stonewall enemies. 

As component of the ruse, Betty kissed Archie somewhat publicly and Veronica dropped it on them, in an effort and hard work to make the entire matter seem even additional true. Archie promised Veronica she was the only female for him, but there was obviously some flirty texting and a partly deleted message from Archie to Betty, so maybe Barchie’s not a overall fakeout. 

“I consider there were a great deal of closeted Barchie enthusiasts out there who have been waiting for this minute,” Kevin claimed in Alice’s tiny town murder documentary on behalf of all the true Barchie enthusiasts out there. “You will find a great deal of people today who do not consider Bughead should have occurred. It was always meant to be Betty and Archie. It was like it was their future.” 

The point that Jughead’s alive is fully and completely expected, because there is no way this clearly show would eliminate of Cole Sprouse. But if he’s alive, and all of all those flashforwards have been fakeouts all year, what was the issue of them other than to annoy us now that we know it was all phony? They did not even trouble transforming the narrator when he was meant to be “dead.” 

Also, can we talk about this exchange?  

“Perfectly, pretending to be dead is 1 matter, but hiding less than a cot in this intercourse bunker of dying when you make out with Archie just to encourage a bunch of evil preppies that I did die…” 

“Yeah, undoubtedly cracks the leading ten craziest matters, but it labored.” 

Regretably it did not truly perform, because Donna observed through the entire matter. Bret believed she was ridiculous, but Donna threatened to eliminate him if he did not listen to her, so this entire matter might have been worthless. 


All we know is that it appears like we’ve bought a very fantastic setup for the top “here is how the villain did it” sequence in following week’s episode, as Jughead reveals he’s alive to his former Stonewall Prep classmates. With any luck , this will all make a entire great deal additional perception then, because presently we are just baffled. 

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at eight p.m. on The CW.

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